Les dejo esta pagina llamada ReviewPro, es un website que permite tener un concentrado de todas las opiniones (Tripadvisor,, etc.) que deja la gente de otros hoteles de nuestra competencia, tanto buenas, neutrales y negativas.



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Una herramienta muy útil que les permitirá tener una idea de las experiencias y la mentalidad de los huéspedes en otros lugares, prevenir y aprender como lidiar con situaciones basadas en estas opiniones, proponer nuevas ideas y mejorar el servicio que ofrecen.



Millennial Business Travelers: Three Key Characteristics

Millennial business traveler


We hear a lot these days about the spending power of Millennials. With over 70% of this audience reporting it would like to visit all 50 states and over 75% wanting to go abroad, both domestic and business travel are key interests for this demographic. Business travel, you say? Yes, indeed. Millennials are rising up in their fields and wielding more buying power than ever before. So, what are their specific needs for business travel? And how can you address them?



56% of Millennials report they are one of the first to try a new technology, so travel businesses need to be on the cutting edge. For Millennials, mobile-friendly design is a no-brainer. They have little patience for navigating a site that isn’t quickly optimized for different platforms. Indeed, most use a mobile device first, with desktop computers functioning as an afterthought. Using a mobile-first strategy with seamless booking options ensures that your property will meet these expectations. Along with this, they expect efficient, reliable sites that load quickly and make it easy to book.



This generation grew up with Apple products and has come to expect beautiful design and packaging. Clean lines, ultra-readable text, and gorgeous visuals are par for the course for the Millennial consumer experience. That doesn’t mean you need a lot of bells and whistles, though. Simplicity reigns supreme. Good design should be in the service of the user. Customers should be able to book rooms easily by accessing the booking button from any page, for instance, as well as quickly find visual and written information about your rooms and property.

Then, the key is to keep all of this content updated so that your site feels relevant, credible and fresh. Even short updates to destination information or linking to a social media feed on your homepage will go a long way in this regard.



Growing up with information at their fingertips, this generation knows how to research the most economical products available. They are price-savvy comparison shoppers who use the Internet and apps to find the best deal quickly. Not only that, but many cite budget and debt as major concerns. These travelers are more likely to pocket some of their per diem checks than they are to splurge. Hotels catering to them would do emphasize free or low-cost amenities like breakfast, WiFi and more. Such perks could make the difference in a booking decision.