5 common mistakes that keep your Hotel Spa Sales low

More and more hotels around the world, create impressive SPA facilities within their premises, offering a wide range of relaxation & wellness therapies. Despite their high-quality services, however, many Hotel SPA are not so popular among their customers, generating low revenues and becoming a constant trouble for Hoteliers.

With a closer look, the reasons for the lack of success of many SPA centres within hotels, are rather obvious. Similarly, the travellers’ hesitation for using the SPA facilities is also quite expected, especially if we take into consideration that most of the times, the whole idea of the SPA is an expensive, complex and often depressing procedure, leading nowhere close to the feeling of rejuvenation and well-being.

Below, we are listing the 5 most common mistakes that hold back your Hotel SPA sales:


The SPA area lacks personality and concept

Very often, the SPA facilities are designed in minimal and cold aesthetics, in an effort to maintain the feeling of ‘balance and tranquility.’ In combination with the fact that most of the times the SPA lies in closed areas of the hotel (and many times even in the basement), a general feeling of a cold and inhospitable environment is created, which send the travellers away, instead of inviting them in to try some of the therapies. The travellers think of the SPA as a place where they will live a dream experience, which will allow them to relax and unwind; therefore, the right space is of vital importance. It is highly recommended that the SPA spaces have an intense personality which will become the setting of the traveller’s experience, always keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is the customer’s relaxation. The special corners, the exceptional details and the use of natural light (where possible), will draw the travellers’ attention and place the SPA to the top of their minds.

Smart Tip: Instead of creating the standard-type, cold-looking massage rooms with low artificial light, prefer to light your rooms with special installations with candles, creating a unique concept for which you can choose attractive names such as ‘Candle Light Massage Room’.


The SPA Menus are often impersonal and difficult to understand

Creating the right SPA catalogue is also a very important factor that influences the overall SPA sales. Most of the times, the catalogues use too many technical terms, becoming boring and incomprehensible, resembling of medical manuals. The average traveller is not familiar with the scientific terms of Spa and Wellness — and learning them is probably the last thing they would want to do during their holidays! Also, the too ‘serious’ approach of the SPA experience makes the whole idea impersonal and not attractive to the travellers who avoid using the SPA services. Based on the above, it is clear that the SPA catalogues should be as simple and comprehensible as possible, emphasizing firstly on the experience of the traveller and secondly on the technical characteristics of each therapy as well as the brands used. Also, the use of a more fun and friendly character will bring the SPA closer to the travellers and make it more popular. Naturally, in order for all the above to be successful, the Hotel should keep a fair pricing policy, allowing the travellers to see the SPA as an additional feature to their holidays, and not as an isolated, luxurious (and often expensive) moment.

Smart Tip: Replace the standard, strict colours with bright and pop choices, that will draw the travellers’ attention and give a more fun tone to the whole SPA experience. Do not forget to include some smart tips that will showcase the fun part of the SPA and reduce its ‘technical’ aspect.


There is no targeting or reference to the male audience

One of the classic stereotypes is that the SPA is “all about women.” This is indeed one of the main reasons why SPA centers within hotels tend to have reduced revenues. On average, a hotel receives the same number of men and women ever year. By eliminating the men from your targeting, you practically lose as much as the 50% of your potential SPA income. At the same time, not targeting the male audience affects the sales to the female guests as well, since the man either hesitates to accompany the lady or underestimates the SPA services. Therefore, it is essential that special SPA services for men are also specified, which should be promoted in an as powerful way as those addressed to women.  After all, who would disagree that men have also the right to wellness, relaxation, and beauty?

Smart tip: During the SPA photo shooting, make sure to use male figures as well, which should resemble the average man and not remind of flawless models, with which the audience is hard to identify themselves. Use this material in your printed flyers as well, dedicating a special section to the male therapies.


The stuff follows a standard, impersonal way of communication with the customers

One of the most important factors during the selling of a product or service is the people who are in charge of the whole process. Naturally, the same stands in the case of the SPA services. Usually, the stuff of a SPA follows the expected, formal way of service for beauty and wellness centers, which lowers the travellers’ interest. In combination with the ‘good manners’ of the standard behavior within a hotel, the communication and service become even more distant and impersonal. It must be well understood that as far as SPA services are concerned, the travellers let themselves in the hands of an expert, whom they trust for their relaxation and wellbeing. Clearly, an impersonal approach is not the way to go. The hotels should make sure to hire highly qualified personnel with self-confidence and communicational skills, who will convince the travellers to choose the SPA services. It is always recommended to have an expert present, who will become the personal wellness tutor of the guest, promoting and suggesting the best possible SPA services.

Smart tip: Print special flyers which present your SPA therapists, introducing to your guests the highly expertized team who will take care of their personal relaxation and wellbeing. Focus on each person’s skills, building a trustful profile that will attract the interest of your guests and win their trust.


The concept of wellbeing is absent from the rest of the hotel’s identity and operation

Even though most hotel SPAs offer a very high level of services, the concept of wellness and wellbeing is often missing from the overall experience within the hotel, making the SPA look like an alien company within the hotel premises. By supporting the wellness profile on all levels, the traveller will easier enter the process of requesting additional services, such as the SPA facilities of the property. Within this aspect, you could create special healthy menus or dedicated corners in the buffet, organized outdoor activities, and leisure briefings, that will increase the travellers’ desire for additional services.

Smart tip: Set up a special “healthy food” corner in your breakfast buffet and use it to promote several of your SPA services. Use a clever motto like “Boost your Day,” and offer to your guests a complete wellness solution.



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