The Hotel Room tips that will make your property a real star!

Nowadays, comfort is not defined by the star rating of a hotel or just from the facilities it offers. A real quality hotel must combine multiple characteristics that blend the facilities with the overall experience the guests are going to live during their stay. However, and without any doubt, the hotel room experience is what defines the level of the guests’ satisfaction and categorizes your property among the real successful ones.

1. Forget the single beds!

Hotel: Liostasi Hotel & Suites Photo by: Christos Drazos

The type of the bed is an essential facility for the travelers – and the most important! -, since it has been proven that the first thing that all travelers check, as soon as they are in their room, is the bed type. A king size bed is always an indication of luxury and comfort, and undeniably, the twin beds decrease the sleep quality expectations. A real luxury hotel, should pay special attention regarding this matter and offer comfortable king size beds even for single use. After all, who wouldn’t like to enjoy a double fresh mattress alone?


Useful tip: In order to offer a room both as a double or twin, select bed types that will easily allow you to transform a twin bed into a comfortable double one, by using high quality mattresses. It is also very important to use a double bed and never twin beds, every time a room is offered for single use.



2. Be aware of the toilet taboo!

Hotel: Liostasi Hotel & Suites Photo by: Christos Drazos

There is a common complain among travelers, for which the hoteliers are rarely informed about and it is officially one of the biggest taboos in the hotel industry. Of course, it is no other than the soundproofing of the hotel rooms’ bathrooms/toilets. It is neither romantic nor luxury the absence of privacy in the place where even the king goes alone! The hoteliers must take into serious consideration this issue, especially those who choose glass doors as a matter of design.


Useful Tip: To ensure the maximum of privacy in the toilet, use speakers out of the toilet door, and let music work on benefit of the guests’ privacy and satisfaction.



3. Make luggage convenience a competitive advantage.

Hotel: Liostasi Hotel & Suites Photo by: Christos Drazos

Unpacking after a trip is one of the most boring things the travelers must do and hoteliers should make the experience better for their guests. Even if it is considered a must, luggage racks are often not found in hotel rooms. Luggage racks are considered to be a really helpful tool, which helps you to unpack quickly and start your holidays immediately.

Satisfactory storage space is the most important thing regarding the unpacking process, and in case you do not have enough space for walk-in closets, make sure to provide your guests with appropriate spots in the closet for shirts, dresses and even shoes storing.


Useful Tip: Suitcases occupy a great amount of space of the hotel room, making the travelers stay less convenient and comfortable. Improve your travelers’ experience by offering them a “Luggage Storage” service, that will allow them to “get rid” of their empty suitcases after unpacking, and free important room space, increasing their satisfaction!



4. Give a good first impression.

Hotel: Liostasi Hotel & Suites Photo by: Christos Drazos

It is very important to give your guests a good impression when entering their hotel room for the first time, since the first minutes in a hotel room are those that will define the guests’ satisfaction. Make sure that the overall impression, from smell, temperature and even the people who accompany the guests to their room, will positively affect the guests, creating pleasant feelings and of course expectations.


Useful Tip: Pay close attention to the hotel room’s scent, and take care of this matter with a quality air freshener. Make sure to use a neutral smell – while at the same time offering them a variety of scent alternatives – which will be pleasant to the majority of your guests.


5. Welcome your guests with some tasteful surprises and fresh water.

Hotel: Liostasi Hotel & Suites Photo by: Christos Drazos

When arriving at a hotel, the first thing you wish is to enter your room and get some rest or spend some time exploring the facilities the room has to offer. There is no better surprise than some tasteful welcome “delicacies” that will make your day. Complimentary water is a “Must” and without any doubt it is, and must be a point of review.


Useful Tip: When choosing the «Welcome surprise» think practically! The travellers want something fast and easy to eat! Prefer individual snacks, some sour and some sweet and perfectly select local products so as to impress more the guests, presenting the food culture of your area.



6. Accessible electricity plugs are considered to be only those which are close to bed.

Hotel: Liostasi Hotel & Suites Photo by: Christos Drazos

Everybody knows that the modern travellers own an average of 3 electronic devices and they usually wish to stay connected no matter what. As nowadays the need of Free and high speed Wi – Fi is clear to hoteliers, surprisingly, the need of electricity is not something that they seem very familiar with. It is a very common issue the effort to find accessible plugs to charge your mobile phone, your laptop or any other device you carry during your trips. And the only plugs that can be considered as accessible, are those that you can use while lying on your dreaming double bed.


Useful tip: In case that the old construction of the hotel does not allow the “luxury” of electricity plugs near the bed, do not hesitate to offer your most “spoiled” guests extension cords.


In this article we used photos from one of the most luxurious small hotels in Greece, Liostasi Hotel & Suites in Ios Island, and the cause of this article is to teach how to build the ideal rooms for your guests! The impressive photo shooting was made by the famous, hotel & travel photographer, Christos Drazos.



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