3 Steps to make your newsletters the most dynamic selling tool for your hotel!

Across the Internet, one can find several online services which help hoteliers create fascinating newsletters for keeping in touch with current and past guests or for finding a new clientele. Newsletters are the most direct channel for communicating with your audience, making your hotel more independent and more profitable than ever before.

But which are the important facts that a hotelier should keep in mind, in order to gain the optimum benefit from newsletters campaigns?
Step 1: Build your hotel database focusing on quality audience
The most important fact for an effective newsletter campaign is to have a quality mailing list, with recipients who are really interested in your hotel. It is important to have as much guest data as possible, in order to send effective targeted messages and trigger their interest. So, after defining the info you wish to know about your guests, select the channels through which you will get as more leads as possible.
  1. Your Hotel Guests: It is important to keep the correct data from all the travellers that have stayed at your hotel. These are the most loyal leads who are more possible to come again or send their friends to your hotel. Ask for their email address during check in and reward them by sending to their email a coupon for a free drink at your bar, thus establishing a good e-relationship! This is a good basis for repeaters.
  2. Your website visitors: It is a fact that thousands of travellers visit your hotel website every year. Think of a smart way to drive them to subscribe to your emails and attract their attention with discounts, offers or hidden content, getting as much new leads as possible and building a data base of potential hotel guests.
  3. New Audiences: The Internet makes the process of finding new audiences with characteristics that interest you very easy. Use social media to gather as much new leads as possible and make their subscription special by offering to them special benefits for staying in touch with your hotel.

Smart Tip: Do not forget to categorize your data base in a correct way, that will allow you to create more personalized messages that will easily raise the attention of your audience. Among the several data like name, country and age, do not forget to write down the source of the lead, so that you can be aware of the level of engagement with your hotel.

Step 2: Define a communication strategy based on the profile of each recipient
It is very important to have a standard plan in you newsletter communication strategy. Having in mind that an average person receives thousands of emails every year, make sure to create a plan that will be helpful and not annoying. Create a communication plan based on the important categories that better address the needs of your audience.
  1. Concierge emails: If the subscriber is a current guest, send to his or her email all the important information about your hotel, giving them tips that will enhance their stay even more. Do not forget to keep up the excitement and have in mind they are already on their holidays, so what they need is something pleasant and easy to read.
  2. Sales Emails: Offers are always welcome and travellers love them very much. Create valuable and extra engaging offers and build a different plan for each subscriber category (current guest, website visitor, new lead).
  3. Leisure emails: These emails make the travellers dream of staying at your hotel, presenting exciting facts & content about your property. Make sure that you have something really special to say, each time you decide to send one.

Smart tip: As most Newsletter tools allow you to build automated emails, create a ‘Welcome subscription email’ per recipient category, starting a good and direct communication from the very beginning! For example, if the person is a current guest give out some freebies or send special discounts to the new travellers you have reached through social media. If the subscription comes from your website, then send an immediate offer with extra limited time of redeem, so as to support your direct bookings.

Step 3: Pay attention to the interesting content and the impressive design
Whatever message you want to send, and no matter which is the audience, the aesthetics should be high and the content comprehensible, clear and interesting. Work on each newsletter separately and keep in mind that your Hotel Newsletters reflect your total hotel identity:
  1. Visual Design: Create a different design for each newsletter category you send. The visual needs of a Sales Newsletter are completely different from those of a Leisure one, and this is something that needs careful work to be done correctly.
  2. Texts: Do not use extensive and complicated texts, as it is very possible to loose the interest of your audience. Most newsletters are read on a mobile device, so they must be prompt and to the point.
  3. Offers: Give to your offers the credibility they need. Give a short deadline or include a voucher in the email, giving an added value to the communication. Of course, do not send poor offers and make sure to use them only if you are really generous.

Smart tip: Maximize the personalization level by sending personal text emails that address each recipient with their name (your Newsletter service will have this option). Personal text newsletters have an increased potential to be read, as they do not look advertising or spam. Send a personalized email according to each recipient category, and get the maximum attention and success of your newsletter campaign.



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