Direct bookings & your hotel’s guests: Are you attracting, reaching, and converting the weary sleep-deprived travellers?

The average consumer is bombarded by more than 3,000 marketing messages a day, meaning that most messages go ignored or blocked out.

This is one of the largest challenges facing hotel businesses today, as they find a way to stand out in a market that is immersed with information, flashy visuals and exciting promotions.

For hoteliers, the need to regularly adapt and change marketing messages in order to acquire new guests is real.

According to a recent report released by Euromonitor International and titled ‘Top 10 Global Consumer Trends’ one socio-demographic group that hoteliers need to focus on is ‘The Weary Sleep-Deprived Travellers’.

Who are ‘The Weary Sleep-Deprived Travellers’?

Recent studies show that people today are getting nearly two hours less sleep per night than previous generations, and that increasingly sleep is being considered more of a luxury rather than a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.

There’s an entire group of travellers who do not value sleep as much, prioritising experiences, connecting via their mobile devices, and juggling their careers.

‘The Weary Sleep-Deprived Travellers’ are often looking to escape to a new location where they can rest and enjoy sleep in a way that they don’t when they are in their own homes.

How are hotel brands responding to them?

Recognising the need for people to enjoy restorative, peaceful sleep in new surroundings, hotel brands across the globe are focusing on this socio-demographic group.

Hotels are beginning to build sound-proof walls that allow guests to enjoy a tranquil space free of noise from other guests as they go to sleep for the night.

Others are offering turndown services, such as playing soft music in the rooms, or providing guests with a bedtime phone call reminding them to turn off their devices about an hour before they go to sleep.

Some hotels like the MGM Grand are even installing dawn simulators versus alarm clocks in order to help their guests rise in a more gentle, natural way.


How do you get them to book direct at your hotel?

A few features that you can implement in order to attract The Weary Sleep-Deprived Travellers’ include:

Give them a beautiful website experience

Aspirations are key with this group of travellers as they dream about their next holiday. The Billboard Effect suggests that prospective guests will visit your website after seeing your property on a third party’s site, and so you need to ensure that their first impression of your website inspires them to find out more and book direct.

If your hotel’s website needs a redesign (but you don’t have an endless marketing budget), then consider using a website creator such as SiteMinder’s Canvas. It’s quick and easy to manage, and delivers everything a profitable hotel website needs. You can read more about creating an aspirational hotel website in our FREE guide available by clicking here.

Make sure they can purchase relaxing extras

Your online booking engine should allow for the upsell of extras. Think about the concept of selling sleep and how you can upsell relaxing extras such as an evening massage or a turndown service.

Create sleep-kits that include luxury pillows, earplugs, aromatherapy oils, etc. And sell the equivalent extras package for children that feature bedtime stories and special nightlights. Use an online booking engine, such as SiteMinder’s TheBookingButton, that allows for flexibility and creativity in the upsell of extras.



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